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Recording Masterclass W/Sunfish 7/13-16

Sunfish is a touring Alternative Grunge Rock band with over 1 Million streams.

  • Starts Jul 13
  • 278 US dollars
  • Aggressive Audio

Available spots

Service Description

Have you ever wondered how you can get your recordings to sound as good as the pros and what you can do differently to make your productions shine? Well in this in person course you're gonna be able to learn all of that. From recording pristine guitars to bombastic drums, I'm going to show you the correct approach to making your recordings 10x better no matter what level you re currently at. Below is the itinerary of what you can expect. Day 1 Thursday July 13, 9:00 AM. 7 PM The recording template and project routing. For logic users I will send you my template. Talking about basic plugins I use that make all the difference. Understanding gain staging. How to ensure your guitar is in good shape for recording. How to check intonation and tuning correctly. How to dial in a good guitar tone using real amps, amp sims, and micing guitar cabs. Recording the guitar. How to comp, edit, and get the best takes. Key commands to speed up workflow. Putting all the guitars together. Bass: Does changing bass strings matter? How to set up and Intonate your bass for optimal results. Should you use a pick or fingers? How to dial in a proper bass tone. Recording bass. Comping and editing bass. Day 2 Friday July 14, 9 AM - 6 PM Drums. How to properly mic a drum set up. How many mics do you need at minimum? How much does the room I record in matter? Should I replace my drum heads? How hard should the drums be hit? What type of interface do I need to record drums? Recording drums. Comping and editing drums. Day 3 Saturday July 15, 10AM - 5 PM Vocals. What type of vocal mics are a good option? What type of space is best for recording vocals? So I need any analog gear to make my vocals sound better? How to get the best take out of a vocalist and what I’m listening for. How to properly record harmonies and get them to sound wide and lush. How to comp and edit vocals. How to tune vocals naturally. Day 4 Sunday July 16, 10 AM - 2 PM Mixing/mastering. What is the difference between a mix and a master? How to effectively use EQ to make your mixes wider and bigger. Compression. What is it, and how to implement it correctly? Adding samples and layers to your music to add more depth. How do I get my mixes loud without clipping and distorting? Understanding what bad frequencies are. *Some hours may vary*

Upcoming Sessions

Cancelation Policy

All deposits are final once we are within 20 days of the scheduled appointment and no refunds will be offered for cancelation or rescheduling. Unless it is for the Recording Masterclass. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 84 South Tartarian Circle, Bountiful, UT, USA


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