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August 17-20

Have you ever wondered how you can get your recordings to sound as good as the pros and what you can do differently to make your productions shine? Well in these in person courses you're going to be able to learn all of that! From recording pristine guitars to bombastic drums, I'm going to show you the correct approach to making your recordings 10x better no matter what level you're currently at.

There are only 12 spots per course and there will not be any more added. bookings are first come first serve.

You are not required to attend all 4 days if it doesn't work with your schedule. You may pick and choose all days or just a few, whatever works with your schedule. However the price is fixed at $278 per person regardless of whether you can attend all days or not.

This course will be with my personal band Acacia Ridge. We have amassed over 5,600,000 streams to date and been featured on multiple of Spotifys home page playlists. I have recorded and produced all of our music. In this course you will have the chance watch us record a new song live in person and go over the entire process start to finish. You will learn how to dial in guitar tones, bass tones, mic a drum kit properly, everything you need to know about vocal recording and editing and how to take your demo to a radio ready polished track.

Please note that all bookings are final. If you are unable to attend after booking you may transfer it over to another person. Just let me know.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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