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The recording rate is $30 an hour (professional engineer included) with free 30 minute set up and take down at the beginning and end of each session. You’ll have your pick with an endless supply of electric guitars, amp models, pedals, and effects, along with an expensive array of drum, vocal, and room microphones.
Aggressive Audio has tracked hundreds of songs and logged thousands of hours behind the mix desk. You couldn't be in better hands to ensure flawless tracking. You are also welcome to use any mix and master engineer of your choosing and you own all your files! Keep in mind the most important part of the recording process is to have your project tracked and recorded correctly with HIGH quality signal flow. You can also track your album with us and send the files to your favorite engineer or I can also mix and master for you. The flexibility and choice is yours and the world of sound is at your fingertips.

The difference a good mix makes is absolutely mind boggling. When I first started down the road of learning audio I took a stab at recording and producing my bands first album. I was completely unsure through the whole process if it could actually sound good or not. Even though I was sure I was recording properly and using awesome gear it sounded dull, flat, and very unexciting. I was super disappointed but still optimistic. We decided to send our tracks to a producer in Germany at Überlärm Studios. When we got our first mix back I was super nervous to hear the result. 1 minute into the mix I had tears in my eyes. All the hard work was not for nothing and our song sounded huge and professional! Ever since then I decided I wanted to produce AND mix. If you think your tracks are at a loss and can never sound as good as the pro's you just might surprise yourself. Send in your own recorded tracks and you'll be surprised how amazing you actaully sound. Mixes will include all vocal tuning/pitch correction, drum editing, FX, mastering, and the whole 9 yards. Mixing is a very time consuming task but is the most important step in making your songs sound aggressive and modern so long as you have recorded them correctly with a good source. Our mix and master is at a price point of $100 flat per song with unlimited mix revisions for the first 14 after the first mix is sent back to you. 
Click the "Our Work" tab for tracks I have mixed as well as the before and after effects from raw to processed.

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