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  • Mix/Master Deposit

    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Mixing all tracks/files to sound modern and massive.
    • Post production FX and transitions.
    • Mastering to industry standard polish and loudness.

Please Read


  • The difference a great mix will make is absolutely mind-boggling. If you feel that your tracks cant sound as good as the pro's then you could be in for a big surprise after getting a mix back form us!

  •  Mixing is a very time-consuming task, but is arguably the most important step in making your songs sound as aggressive and modern as possible. Our mix and master price is $375 per song up to 6 minutes long. Songs longer than 6 minutes will be an additional $50 per minute of audio.  

  •  The $200 deposit will be applied to the $375 final mix cost. After all revisions are done you will send the remaining $175 before receiving the final WAV. All deposits are final & non refundable after first mix has been sent. 


  • Each song will include 2 mix revisions if desired.

  • Paying the deposit puts you on the waiting list to get your song mixed and mastered. The turn around time is between 3-5 weeks from date deposit is paid and files are sent. In almost all cases the final mix will be sent within 1 week of receiving the first mix.

  • If you are simply wanting a song mastered it is $65 per song or $55 per song if 4 or more are sent at the same time.

  • Extras if desired: Guitar re amps through real tube amplifiers on all guitar tracks are $100 per song.  Vocal tuning $100 Per song. Editing/ time alignment of all audio $150 per song (Can be lower if only one or 2 tracks need edited just let me know). All of these extras would be paid upfront before mixing is started.

  • Please click HERE for instructions on how to send your files. If files are not sent correctly I will ask you to resend them and it will delay your mix.

  • If you would like to listen to our work please click the button below. There are also references to before and after from the raw files to the final master.

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