The difference a great mix will make is absolutely mind-boggling. When I first started down the road of learning audio engineering, I took a stab at recording and producing my band’s first album. I wasn’t sure through the whole process if I could actually get everything to sound good or not. Even though I was sure I was recording properly and using awesome gear, it sounded dull, flat, and very unexciting. I was disappointed, but still optimistic. We decided to send our tracks to a professional to mix and master. When we got our first mix back, I had tears in my eyes within the first minute - All the hard work was not for nothing and our song sounded huge and professional! 

Ever since then I have decided to devote myself to learning the art of mixing and mastering. If you think your tracks are at a loss and can never sound as good as the pros, you may be in for a surprise. Send us your own recorded tracks and with our professional mix, you'll be astonished at how amazing you actually sound. Mixes include all vocal tuning/pitch correction if desired, some post production FX, mastering, and the whole 9 yards to achieve modern sounding music. If you require other services such as drum editing (Quantization), drum writing, or other midi done we can work out a plan. Mixing is a very time-consuming task, but is the most important step in making your songs sound as aggressive and modern as possible. Our mix and master price is $200 per song up to 6 minutes long (Songs longer than 6 minutes will be an additional $30 per minute of audio).  Each song includes 3 total mixes ( 2 revisions after the first mix is sent) to get your song perfect. 

If you are simply wanting a song mastered it is $45 per song 

Click HERE to listen to tracks I have mixed as well as the before and after from the raw files to the final master.

Once you have paid your deposit please click HERE for instructions on how to send your files.