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You are more than welcome to use our guitars or your own. We have an expansive range with over $25,000 worth of guitars at your disposal, they include:

  1. Gibson Explorer 2016 with Evertune Bridge

  2. Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus 2010

  3. Gibson SG Traditional with Fishman Fluence Pickups and Evertune Bridge

  4. Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 2018 (USA Made) with Evertune Bridge

  5. Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Classic Electric 2016 (USA Made) with Evertune Bridge

  6. Fender USA 2021 Custom Telecaster with Evertune bridge

  7. Kiesel/Carvin Aries

  8. Kiesel/Carvin 7 String Evertune

  9. ESP LTD Deluxe with Fishman Fluence Pick ups and an Evertune bridge

  10. Taylor Acoustic 214 Koa back and sides

  11. Hand made semi Hollow Electric Guitar

  12. Dingwall Combustion 3 2020 (what is in my opinion the greatest bass in the world at this current time)

  13. Fender USA Elite P Bass


We have the best guitar amps on the market for creating massive guitar and bass tones. We use real tube amps for almost all of our recordings. Our main amplifier options include:

  1. Friedman BE-100

  2. ENGL Powerball II

  3. Mesa Engineering Triple Crown

  4. Fender Deluxe Reverb

  5. EVH 5150 III

  6. PRS Archon 100W

  7. Mesa 4X12 Cab

  8. Diesel 2X12 Cab

  9. Neural DSP Quad Cortex

  10. Neural DSP Amp Sims

  11. Suhr Reactive IR Loader (Cab Simulator)

We also have a variety of pedals for achieving different tones including the Horizon Devices Percision Drive, Highwind Direwolf, Origin Effects Cali 76 Comperessor Stacked, Empress Effects Echosystem, Empress Reverb, Walrus Julia Chorus, Swollen Pickle, ISP Decimator, Digitech Whammy, Small Sound Big Sound Mini Drive, & Ibanez Tube Screamer.  You are also welcome and encouraged to use your own amps and pedals if you would like, so long as your amps are tube amps. If not we can create something completely unique and professional with the options provided.

The Tone of your dreams awaits you!

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