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The source you track your audio from matters. Thats why we use the Industry standard Apogee Ensemble Thudnerbolt Interface with 10 inputs and pre amps alongside an Audient ASP800 For an additional 8 Pre amps and 5 analog top of the line pre's from Neve, SSL, And Cranborne For a total of 21 Inputs. Alongside those is an analog API 550B EQ and the Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor.

Computer and Software includes a 2022 Mac Studio with the M1 chip running Logic Pro X. All Slate Digital Plugins including Drum Trigger 2, all of Fabfilter, Waves Audio, Sound Toys, Joey Sturgis Tones, Izotope, Okesound, Kilohearts, Plugin Alliance, Valhalla, Native Instruments, Neural DSP, Melodyne (Vocal Tuning), Synchro Arts, Sonnox, and loads more.

We also have an 88 weighted Key Studio Logic midi keyboard which feels as natural as a standard piano with an expansive array of realistic piano & synth VST's.

We have a halfpipe in the back yard you are welcome to skate during your visit. We also have a Mini Fridge full of drinks. Thats right. M I N I F R I D G E .

If you are tracking let us know before hand what drinks you want and we'll be sure to stock the fridge. Otherwise we will have regular soda, water, and juice.

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