Aggressive Audio Recordings is a professional Recording Studio in Bountiful, Utah. Located just 15 minutes north of Salt Lake City, we offer an impressive array of production and recording services, top-class equipment, and affordable rates. Whatever you play, however you sound - we’ve got you covered.



Aggressive Audio Recording offers all the studio services you need — from recording and mixing, to mastering and distribution. Our goal is to provide musicians with an affordable option to produce professional-quality recordings at a cost significantly less than your soul or firstborn. Today’s working musician requires a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t sound low-budget, because bad sounding recordings turn away potential listeners and no listeners means no growth, no exposure, no future. 

At Aggressive Audio, we aim to meet the modern musician’s most important criteria: high quality production and low cost. Our ultimate goal is to make your music shine and rise to the top while still leaving you with gas money to get to the gig. Shop around and compare prices – we charge HALF of what most studios charge, yet we maintain premium equipment and workflow tools. Let us help you get the sound you've always wanted.




The recording rate is $35 per hour (professional engineer included).  Our live room is stocked with an extensive supply of premium electric guitars, amp models, pedals, and effects, along with an expansive selection of drum, vocal, and room microphones.

Aggressive Audio has tracked hundreds of songs and logged thousands of hours behind the mix desk, but some artists prefer their own people, and we understand. You are always welcome to use any mix and master engineer of your choosing and you ALWAYS own all your files! Whether you track your album with us and send the files to your favorite engineer, or we also mix and master for you, the flexibility and choice is yours and the world of sound is at your fingertips.



The difference a good mix makes is absolutely mind-boggling. When I first started down the road of learning audio engineering, I took a stab at recording and producing my band’s first album. I wasn’t sure through the whole process if I could actually get everything to sound good or not. Even though I was sure I was recording properly and using awesome gear, it sounded dull, flat, and very unexciting. I was disappointed, but still optimistic. We decided to send our tracks to a professional for assistance. When we got our first mix back, I had tears in my eyes within the first minute - All the hard work was not for nothing and our song sounded huge and professional! 

Ever since then I decided I’ve devoted myself to learning the art of mixing and mastering. If you think your tracks are at a loss and can never sound as good as the pros, you may be in for a surprise. Send us your own recorded tracks and with our professional mix, you'll be surprised how amazing you actually sound. Mixes include all vocal tuning/pitch correction if desired, some post production FX, mastering, and the whole 9 yards. If you require other services such as drum editing (Quantization), drum writing, or other midi done we can work out a plan. Mixing is a very time-consuming task, but is the most important step in making your songs sound as aggressive and modern as possible. Our mix and master price is $150 per song.  Each song includes 3 total mixes ( 2 revisions after the first mix is sent) to get your song perfect. You won’t find professional results at this price anywhere.

If you are simply wanting a song mastered it is $40 per song or $30 per song if you are doing 3 or more.

Have a listen below the Gear section to tracks I have mixed as well as the before and after effects from raw to processed.



Console & Software

Industry standard pro grade Apogee Ensemble Interface with 10 inputs and pre amps alongside an Audient ASP800 For an additional 8 Pre amps. Computer and Software includes new 2019 iMac 32 RAM i7  6 core Processor  running Logic Pro X. All Slate Digital Plugins including Drum Trigger 2, all of Fabfilter, Waves Audio, Sound Toys, Joey Sturgis Tones, Izotope, Okesound, Kilohearts, Plugin Alliance, Valhalla, Native Instruments, Neural DSP, Melodyne, Synchro Arts, and loads more.




We have an incredible House Kit available for use if you so choose. The shells are Mapex Saturn V Exotics with a  22x18 bass drum, 10x7 and 12x8 rack toms, and a 16x14 floor tom. We have Zildjian A Custom Cymbals with a 23" Zildjian Sweet Ride, a pair of 15" New Beat hats, along with 18" and 20" Thin crashes. For the snare we have an incredible Dialtune drum. If you are not familiar with this company give them a search! Every drummer that has come through has been blown away by the sound of this snare and it will give you an incredible sound! You are also welcome to use your own drums or to mix and match.

To go along with the drums we have  a spacious 20x20 ft Drum room with 10 ft ceilings and wood floors. Audix DP7 mic pack- 2 Audix D6 kick drum cardioid mics (2nd used as a 4th tom mic). Shure Beta 91A kick in mic. One Shure Beta 57a For stare top. One Audix i5 Cardioid snare mic for snare bottom. Two Audix D2 Dynamic Rack Tom Mics. One Audix D4 Floor Tom Mic. Two Audix ADX51 Condenser overhead mics. One Shure VP88 Stereo Room Mic. Shure SM7B High Hat Mic. Plus 2 extra Slate ML-2 mics for additional spot mics on the kit.



You are free to use my guitars or your own. I have an expansive range with over $19,000 worth of guitars at your disposal, they include: Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 2018 (USA Made), Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Classic Electric 2016 (USA Made) , Paul Reed Smith Dustie Waring Signature model with a Floyd Rose (USA Made), Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus 2010, Gibson Explorer 2016, Kiesel/Carvin DC Multiscale 7 string, Kiesel/Carvin Aries, ESP LTD Deluxe with Fishman Fluence Pick ups and an Evertune bridge, and a Taylor Acoustic 214 Koa back and sides.


For Bass we have (what is in my opinion the greatest bass in the world at this current time) a 2020 Dingwall Combustion 3, four string. We also have a Schecter Stiletto Custom-5 Bass with EMG Pickups. Guitars and Bass are most often tracked and preferred by those who enter the studio using the state of the art Fractal Audio Axe FX II. With an unlimited number of amp models and pedals the tone of your dreams is within reach. We also have a Suhr Reactive IR Loader so you can use your own amps and pedals and get a clean professional tone.

Vocals and Other


Vocals are recorded using multiple options including: The classic Shure SM7B running through a cloud lifter Booster, an Aston Spirit Multi-pattern Condenser microphone, and an incredible Slate ML-1 which has the upmost amazing clarity. We will also be running all vocals through the industry renowned Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor.

With my sizable collection of microphones, I have recorded every type of instrument from saxophone to cello. Whatever your instrument, we will track it to sound incredible. We also have an 88 weighted Key Studio Logic midi keyboard which feels as natural as a standard piano with an expansive array of realistic piano VST's.

Our Work

R= Recorded  by us.  |  MM= Mixed and Mastered by us.  | RMM= All done by us.

For a more detailed list including before and after's CLICK HERE

What Artists Say

Friendly professionalism and unmatched quality wrapped up in 1 studio! Our recording process was simple thanks to Flip. He gave us solid, honest feedback to make sure our songs were going to be worthy of not just our name but his as well. My only regret is that I have but 5 stars to give. I, and my band, The Devil Needs Friends Too, are friends of Aggressive Audio Recording Studio and honestly hope to use them in the future.

Jerry Garcia- The Devil Needs Friends Too



Mon - Fri: 5pm-11pm
Sat: 9am - 6pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm


Shoot me a text or email.

84 Tartarian Circle Bountiful Utah 84010



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