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We offer all the studio services you need from recording to mixing & mastering. Our ultimate goal is to make your music shine and rise to the top while still leaving you with gas money to get to the gig.

Shop around and compare prices – we charge HALF of what most studios charge, yet we produce bands that are consistently landing on Spotify's home page playlists. Let us help you sound like the pros.




The studio is stocked with an extensive supply of premium guitars, amps, pedals, drums, and a collection of the greatest microphones on the market. To view this collection click HERE.

Experience matters- Last year alone we tracked over 100 songs for artists in the Salt Lake City music scene.

We know what it takes to produce a record label ready track & will offer songwriting, structure, and harmony ideas, if desired.



The difference a great mix will make is absolutely mind-boggling.

If you think your tracks are at a loss and can never sound as good as the pros, you may be in for a surprise. Send us your files and you'll be astonished at how amazing your songs actually sound.

Click HERE to listen to tracks I have mixed as well as the before and after from the raw files to the final master.

If you are simply wanting a song mastered it is $45 per song.

Each song includes 3 total mixes ( 2 revisions after the first mix is sent) to get your song perfect.

Our Work

R= Recorded  by us.  |  MM= Mixed and Mastered by us.  | RMM= All done by us.

For a more detailed list including before and after's CLICK HERE


What Artists Say

Friendly professionalism and unmatched quality wrapped up in 1 studio! Our recording process was simple thanks to Flip. He gave us solid, honest feedback to make sure our songs were going to be worthy of not just our name but his as well. My only regret is that I have but 5 stars to give. I, and my band, The Devil Needs Friends Too, are friends of Aggressive Audio Recording Studio and honestly hope to use them in the future.

Jerry Garcia- The Devil Needs Friends Too

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Mon : 9am-8pm

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Shoot me a text or email.

84 Tartarian Circle Bountiful Utah 84010