How To Prepare Your Song For Mixing

Updated: Jan 27

Thank you so much for showing interest in having me mix or master your song! Im super excited to hear it. In order to make sure we have a seamless transition from you sending the files to me getting you a mix there are a few steps that should be taken.

1. Bounce me your "mix" of the song the best you can so I am able to hear the track before I begin mixing so I can have an idea of the vibe you are going for and get a rough idea for how you would like things balanced. This does not have to be good at all! It can literally be raw, I just want to hear the song as quickly as I can before I mix it and have something to reference.

2. Export files from your DAW as .WAV files. MP3's or other formats will not be accepted. if you have any questions on this process please let me know.

3. Make sure that your files are exported as mono files UNLESS it was recorded or produced as a stereo file to begin with. For example, a vocal track recorded into the daw will almost always be a mono track. Same goes with guitars, bass, all drum mics, and anything that was recorded with one input going into the daw. Some files that may be stereo would be a midi instrument in your daw, or a source that was recorded stereo (Used 2 inputs). Please let me know if you have any questions on these. Below is a picture of how to tell-

4. All tracks must be labeled correctly and be well organized. A bad example would be this "Another Day_Drums_Snare Top". Instead it should be Labeled "Snare Top" You are also good to abbreviate. For example You could label your vocal tracks as such: Vox Verse, Vox Chorus, Vox Dub, Vox Dub 2, Vox Harm1, Vox Harm 2, Vox Harm 3, Vox Harm 4. Same with Guitars, Gtr 1 R, Gtr 1 L, Gtr 2 R, Gtr 2 L, Gtr Lead, Ect. Let me know if you have any questions on labeling. Honestly though just use common sense and we will be good! Below is an example of what good organized files will look like-

5. After you have exported the files please re-import them back into a new session in your DAW to ensure everything came out correctly and lines up as it should.

6. Once everything looks clear please send me your files via Dropbox,, or Google Drive to . If you choose google drive please make sure you send the link so that "Anyone with link can access." Also be sure to include the time signature and BPM of the song. Please name your folder as such "Another Day by Acacia Ridge 138bpm 4/4"

Other steps if applicable

7. Reamping: If you would like me to re amp your guitars ($15 per set of guitar tracks (Right and Left) to create an incredible pro guitar sound) I will need DI's as well as your amped tracks for a reference of what you are going for. You would label them as such "Gtr 1 R DI, Gtr 1 R Amp, Gtr 1 L DI, Gtr 1 L Amp. And so on and so forth for all your tracks.

8. Midi Drums: If your song has midi drums I would ask that you export me each individual piece of the kit as a mono audio file. Send me the Kick, Snare, Tom 1, 2, & 3, Hi Hats, Ride, Crash cymbals, Chinas, and any other cymbals as separate mono files. Then export 1 copy of the entire kit as a stereo file as well which can be labeled "Drum Kit" If you are using a program like SSD, GGD, or any other awesome 3rd party drum program and it has the option to send room or over head tracks, please send those as well.

If I am going to be replacing your midi drum sounds as my own please send me the midi file so I can do so.

9. Tempo Changes: If your song has tempo changes please export me a midi tempo map. This can easily be done by searching on youtube "How to export midi tempo map in (Type your DAW here)"

10. "Fine Print" of the deposit just incase you missed it 🙂

The deposit is required to be placed on the schedule for mixing and mastering. This schedule is created on a first come first serve basis after deposit is paid and tracks have been sent. The first mix can be expected 2-4 weeks after scheduling. The $100 deposit will be applied to the $200 final mix cost after all revisions are done. Mixing and mastering deposits are non refundable. Also note that each mix includes 2 total revisions so all in all you will receive 3 total mixes if changes are wanted. 99% of clients have the mix to satisfaction within 2 revisions. However, if more revisions are needed past mix 3 there will be an additional $15 per revision due to the time consuming nature of these changes. Thanks so much and I'm so excited to hear your songs!

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