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Drums! What You Need to Know and Bring-

Updated: Jan 23

I have a basic shell pack you are welcome to use (snare, toms, and kick) But Ideally you will want to bring your own kit as you have familiarity with it and chances are you like the way it sounds.

You will want to make sure your kit is tuned to the best of your ability to have an ideal drum sound. You cannot put a bad drum sound into the mics and get an incredible sound out. It is important that we capture the correct sound at the source! That being said I highly recommend brand new heads on all drums before recording. Put them on about 1-2 days before the session and make sure you are happy with the sound.

Bring some "Moon Gels" to help reduce the resonant and annoying frequencies. These can be purchased at almost any music store or online at this link-

Also you will want to make sure you have a port hole on the side of your kick drum at least 4-5 inches wide for the kick in microphone. They sell rings you put on your kick drum and then cut around the ring. Or you can always do it the ghetto way and just cut one with a razorblades and eye ball it but I recommend the first option haha.

Port hole should be placed similarly to this photo

New sticks also make a big difference and different sticks have different sounds. Make sure you have a fresh pair for the best results!


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