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Mix Notes

Mix notes are the way to get the song sounding exactly as you would like. It is important that we have good and accurate communication to help the process go quick and smooth.

Ideally mix notes should be in chronological order. Adding time stamps of where certain things need to be changed will make the process super easy. It is also okay to put general notes at the very beginning: For example "Turn up Snare drum throughout the whole song" and then continue with chronological notes. Below is an example of how to format a good set of mix notes-

Tampered Reality Mix Notes:

Bring down the kick a lot and snare in the entire song.

(50 seconds)Toms need to come up on the fill before each chorus. and (1:45 in) (1:10) Guitar Harmony should be equal volume at (1:30) Vocal Harmonies should come up at on that verse, especially “I’m trapped inside a cage”. (2:04) Guitar Harmonies on every chorus should come up a little bit - (2:17) the distorted guitar needs to fade out faster.

(2:20)Blues solo has to come up (2:35) Fade drums back in and keep them quieter. (2:41) Bass needs to come up about 2-3DB

(2:41) - Turn up the clean guitar part so that it stands out the most. (3:03) Fade out clean guitars faster

(3:03-3:21) Turn drums down about 2db during the solo (3:34) both guitar leads and harmonies should be equal volume to one another and should be panned left and right (3:56) guitar leads and harmonies both go back to original panning.

Thats all thank you so much!

Mix notes can be as detailed as above or as simple as this-

Everything sounds great! Only change we have is to turn up the vocal harmonies on the chorus at 1:15 and 2:40 and turn up the bass by about 1-2db on the whole song.


One last term to be aware of that will help with making changes exactly how you want them is the term DB which stands for decibels or loudness.

Lets say you want a track just a tiny tiny bit louder This would be referred to as 1DB.

A track only slightly louder would be referred to as 2DB.

Significantly louder without going overboard would be 3Db and more than that would be about 4-5 DB.

Using DB's as a key for how much louder or quieter you want a certain section or part to be will help get the song exactly as you want.

Afterwards Ill send you the revision with your notes and if there are still changes we keep repeating the process till you are happy. Generally after 2 sets of mix notes the song is done and as soon as you send payment I'll send you the final Wav files for the song. As always if you have any questions please let me know!


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