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5 Things Artist's Need to Know Before Recording

Updated: Aug 12

1. You must know how to record to a click track! Being able to play along with a metronome is absolutely paramount to producing a tight sounding recording. I advise that you spend hours practicing your parts to a metronome only before coming into the studio and have your parts down so well that you can play them start to finish completely memorized and in time with a metronome only.

2. Know your song information. It will help with the editing and set up process if you know what key your song is in (for eventual vocal tuning) and your tempo/BPM (Beats per Minute) as well as any tempo changes.

3. Not everyone needs to track their own parts just because it is what they play live. Setting ego aside is a very important part of recording an album. Sometimes the guitarist is better at a certain bass riff and sometimes the bass player is better at a certain drum part. At the end of the day what matters most is that the recording and band sounds flawless and tight.

Christian the vocalist of Acacia Ridge Tracking Guitar

4. For optimal sound guitarists and bassist should change their strings at least 0-1 days before recording. This will allow for strings to settle and stretch yet still have that crisp new sound. I recommend Elixir Nanoweb strings or Daddario NYXL's with whatever gage you prefer. If you do not know how to set up a guitar (Intonate, adjust the trust rod, pick up height, and action) then please set up an appointment to get your guitar set up by a professional to ensure proper intonation. (Having every note on the fretboard be in tune). If you are not able to find someone to do it for you I am happy to set up your guitar and or bass before we begin recording. Just let me know ahead of time. You are also welcome to use any of my guitars, just let me know before hand. If you are using any of my guitars you will need to bring a pack of elixir guitar strings before the session that we can set the guitar up with. :)

5. If you have certain sounds and tones that you love or want to recreate please bring your gear so that we can replicate that whether it is an amp, effect pedal, wah, or other interesting noise or sound you would like to create. Also if you are the vocalist or drummer please bring ear buds or over ear headphones if you have any (Not wireless). I have ear buds for you to use but most will prefer to use their own. Ear buds are best because they have the least amount of sound bleed into the microphones.

An example of The Fervers pedal board rig we used to record their EP.

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